Roshan Defense

Roshan is escape

The day came when the merchant, along with the guards, came to the cave where Roshan was imprisoned, in order to take him to the temple to perform the ceremony. On this day, the damned monster was supposed to stand in front of the people.

Near the temple he was greeted by a crowd that was unhappy with his appearance.

Entering the temple, in the crowd, Roshan saw a young guy who was not familiar to him at all. It was his son. Roshan could not remember him, as the curse erased his memory with every rebirth.

Feeling something in this guy, he saw in him his loved one.

Since the curse was to be passed from father to son, Roshan did not want to wish him the same education.

During the ritual, he gathered all his remaining strength and rage, interrupted the ritual and escaped from the temple with his son.


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